7, Jalan Legoland, Bandar Medini, 79250 Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia

A Lego themed hotel with a Lego theme park and waterpark in its backyard! Lets get real–could the kids really ask for more (hope that explains the 8 stars on the Mandy-O-Meter)??? It is worth knowing that with 70 rides,shows and attractions,15000 Lego models and the only Legoland Resort in Asia,this Legoland is the largest in the world. So if you’re visiting Malaysia or Singapore (it is less than a one hour drive from Singapore’s Changi International Airport), this is one family pilgrimage you definitely want to take.

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  2. Bottle sterilizer
  3. Bottle warmer
  4. Baby bathtub
  5. Highchair
  6. Child menu
  7. Stroller
  8. Child toiletries
  9. Child bathrobe and slippers
  10. Interconnecting rooms

Kid-friendly Hotel Legoland Malaysia


If this holiday is for your kids, you can’t go wrong with the Lego hotel. It is one big Lego extravaganza from the minute you walk in! Starting with the massive Lego castle and ship parked right in the lobby, the kids can begin their Lego building frenzy while you check-in. There are Lego themed play areas and Lego everywhere. Even the flower arrangements at this hotel are made of Lego bricks! The kids will get a real kick out of going up and down the Lego themed elevators with disco lights and music.
Mandy’s Tip: When booking your hotel stay, do check out the hotel website for promotions on park tickets, dinners, airport transfers and more.
If your visiting the hotel from Singapore, scour the internet for the many options to get here, including bus and door-to-door car services (Mr Gan at +60 149142602 with his 7-seater car service is a recent discovery) that are fairly inexpensive.
Pirate theme rooms at Hotel Legoland Malaysia


If the kids loved the elevator, wait till they hit the rooms. All 249 rooms are themed and you can choose from Pirate (my favourite), Kingdom or Adventure. Every room has an independent room for kids, separated from the parent’s room via a simple sliding door. The kid’s room comes with a double-decker bunk bed, television and a big Lego box filled with Lego bricks to play with. The highlight is, however, a treasure chest with Lego gifts inside, which the kids have to unlock by solving a puzzle. The clues to the puzzle are scattered all over the room and imagine the excitement when it finally does open!
Bunk beds for kids at Hotel Legoland Malaysia


Even the bathrooms are stocked with Lego themed amenities including the most adorable Lego brick-shaped soaps. I loved the fact that the bathrooms have separate washbasins for kids, made to measure, of course!
Hotel Legoland Malaysia


The hotel has two restaurants and a bar. The main restaurant, Bricks, needless to say, is themed too and has Lego on display everywhere. Moreover, this is one restaurant where you will not have problems entertaining the young ‘uns. Crayons are always at hand and the table cloths are paper sheets meant for the little Picasso’s to get their hands going. Mascots dressed as Lego characters come and mingle with the kids at dinnertime.
Just outside the restaurant sits an elaborate play area, including plenty of the space for the parents to lounge around and keep an eye on the littlies. Dinner buffet has ample kid-friendly choices, including an ice-cream trolley and a doughnut decorating station.
Mandy’s Tip: While the variety at Bricks is substantial, both taste and quality of food leave a lot to be desired, especially the breakfast buffet. Like myself, keep reminding yourselves that you food is not the reason why you came to this hotel!

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Elevators for kids at Legoland Malaysia

Theme Park:

A good place to start would be atop the Legoland train that goes around the entire park and gives you a sense what to expect.
The park is divided into seven themed areas, each with its own signature attractions. I found that the above six age group could sit on pretty much everything, but the slightly younger lot had limited attractions. Having said that, my three year old still had plenty to do.
The chief attractions at the park are the two Driving Schools (one for the younger kids and the other for the older lot) where they get to drive their own cars. Boating School, where the little captains get complete charge of their very own battery powered boats, is also not to be missed. The Dragon, a high-speed roller coaster, is for all the daredevils out there, both big and small!
Do catch a show or two at the Lego 4D studio – the kids will love the special effects like rain, wind and snow.
What the little bunch will absolutely love is Build & Test (I know mine did), an air-conditioned facility (thank heavens!) where they can create their own Lego models, especially cars, and race them against each other.
Food options at the parks are plenty, as long as you don’t set expectations high with regards to flavour and quality.
Mandy’s Tip: Even though the park is not too spread out, it does involve substantial walking, so do carry a stroller for younger children. These can be easily rented at the park too and are fairly reasonable.
It does get very hot during the day and sheltered area is minimal, so hats, sunglasses and sun block are essential.
The theme park and water park have separate tickets, so get a combo ticket if you intend on doing both.
Lazy River at waterpark at Legoland Malaysia

Water Park:

This fun park comes with 20 water slides, a wave pool and a lazy river where you can grab on to big Lego bricks in the water and build while you float! There is also the insanely popular Build-a-Boat where kids can build there own boats using Lego bricks and race them down a river. The Joker Soaker, a water playground, will appeal to kids of all ages with its many slides, play areas and 300 gallon bucket of water that tips at regular intervals.
Kids at Hotel Legoland Malaysia
Mandy’s Tip: The water park is relatively small and can be covered fairly quickly. A good idea would be to save it for the afternoon, when temperatures soar (it can get very hot) and cooling-off is seriously needed.
Kids at Hotel Legoland Malaysia
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